House Washing Protects Your Homes

Your house may likely be one of the largest investments most folks will make. Regular exterior cleaning can help to extend the life of that investment. Mildew, algae, and other biological growths can attack surfaces and shorten the lifespan of paint, wood, vinyl and other finishes. In fact, most paint manufactures such and Sherwin Williams, Porter Paint, and Behr recommend regular exterior cleanings to help extend the life of their coatings.

The Soft Wash Difference

High pressure is not always the answer when it comes to cleaning. A gentle softwash with the proper chemical mixture (including professional grade Agent Clean detergents, surfactants, and emulsifiers) can be used to give optimal results. Cleaning is NEVER a “one size fits all” proposition. At each property we custom blend the solution that is appropriate for the surfaces we are cleaning.

Sadly in the cleaning industry there is a pervasive mentality that “More is better”, more pressure, more chemical, more power. The tools we use are not toys, and serious property damage can occur when an untrained person attacks a house with too much pressure or too strong of a chemical mixture. Fogged windows, damaged wood, dead landscaping, all of these are issues that we see homeowners dealing with frequently…issues caused by unqualified cleaners. At Spray Wash we are proud to provide quality training to our employees for plant safety, proper application techniques, public safety and much, much more. Out technicians under a rigorous training program and frequent continuing education to keep their skills honed to deliver the very best results to our customers!

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