Professional Concrete Cleaning

Concrete is a very durable surface, but can need maintenance to keep it looking its very best. Over time it can darken and loose its light, bright appearance. Additionally, algae and moss build-up on concrete can cause slip hazards and make it an unsafe area.

There is much more to cleaning flat surface concrete than just pressure washing. The age and condition of the surface is very important to take into consideration. Can this concrete be sprayed at high pressure or will it damage the joints, exacerbate cracks, or ruin the finish?

At Spray Wash, we are experts at cleaning concrete, from the selection of the proper cleaning pressure, to the correct brightening agent, we can leave your concrete looking bright, clean and safe!

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Expert Pool Enclosure Cleaning

In Florida, we love our pools! But as any pool owner will tell you, the ownership of a pool comes with a cost of maintenance. Decks can get slippery and dangerous if algae is allowed to grow. Pool screens can turn green and dirty when the springtime pollen is falling. Leaves and tree debris can make screens sag and tear.

The appropriate amount of pressure must be considered when cleaning pool enclosures! Too much pressure can rip and tear screens, leading to thousands of dollars damages. Too much chemical usage can strip the finish off the pool cage, leaving bare untreated metal which will quickly corrode in the elements. Luxury, no-slip coatings such as Marsite or Kool-deck must be cleaned per manufacturer specification to maintain warranties and avoid damaging the surface.

The technicians at Spray Wash have cleaned thousands of pool screens and pool decks over the years and know the best procedures for maintaining your investment.

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