Expert Care for High Traffic Areas

Maintenance of facilities such as bank and fast food drive thrus is paramount to keeping a positive business image to your customers. Oils stains, food spills, brake dust and other contaminates can quickly accumulate and make your business look less than desirable.

Not only can dirty facilities impact your business, an accumulation of food grease, oil and petroleum distillates can actually make your facilities dangerous to the public and place your business in a liability situation due to “slip and fall” issues.

At Spray Wash, we use the latest in commercial grade cleaning equipment, including Hotsy and Water Dragon brand hot water pressure washers and professional degreasers and detergents to help melt dirt and grime away. Not only do we wash your equipment, we take the added step of hand wiping fixtures to remove any remaining contaminants and to polish out water spotting, leaving you facilities bright, fresh and clean for your customers.

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