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Spray Wash Provides power washing and cleaning services for dozens of shopping centers, retail outlets, and strip malls across the Big-Bend area of Florida and South Georgia. When Cleaning a very public building such as this, public safety is the most important aspect that Spray Wash considers. Slip and fall hazards from water puddles or soapy surfaces, trip hazards such as hoses, traffic flow, run-off, all of these items must be addressed in a professional and competent manner.

Specialized Equipment for a Specialized Job

Many times these surfaces at a shopping centers will require specialty pressure washing equipment such as hot water and steam cleaners to help remove chewing gum and biological stains. Often water access is less than ideal and must be arranged for delivery, or hundreds of feet of hose must be brought to the job site. We always work around the schedule of the businesses in the retail center as to not impact business or commerce. Our crews will be working in the late night or early morning hours, so your facility is not impacted by our cleaning efforts.

The construction materials of the shopping center will also greatly impact the cleaning plan. Synthetic stucco (Dryvit), metal roofs, awnings, brick, concrete all have different cleaning requirements and different tolerances to pressure and chemicals. Each one of these variables must be considered as to not cause lasting damage to the surface being cleaned. Spray Wash can analyze you whole project ( or even partial ares for spot cleaning) and address all surfaces and potential problem areas.

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